Philip Fiske de Gouveia

Philip Fiske de Gouveia

From 1998-2003, Philip worked as a reporter-producer at the BBC World Service - initially in BBC Arts, later in BBC News and Current Affairs - contributing to a broad range of BBC output including 'From Our Own Correspondent', 'Newshour', 'Analysis', 'Britain Today', 'Outlook', and 'On Screen'. As a documentary-maker, he specialised in investigating trans-national crime, producing major BBC series on illegal drug and arms smuggling. His 2001 series 'Shadow Trade' won a Sony Silver award in the category of Best News Programme.

From 2005-2007, Philip was director of the Public Diplomacy research programme at the Foreign Policy Centre in London, where he published a number of high-profile policy reports including 'An African Al-Jazeera? Mass Media and the African Renaissance' and 'European Infopolitik: Developing EU Public Diplomacy Strategy'. He was also a regular commentator and writer for the BBC, Al-Jazeera, The Guardian and Foreign Policy, among others.

Since 2007, Philip has worked as a freelance speechwriter, researcher, journalist and playwright. He has worked with Lightwell Research on projects for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and British Council.

Philip is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin (M.A. English Literature, 1997) and of the Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds (M.A. International Communications, 2004).

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